You probably have heard of the occasional Vet, fighting off badguys in a sandwich shop or something similar. Here is yet a fellow Marine, who did what he knew was right and handled things correctly.

You may have heard where Chili’s and Sonic have a new “No Gun” policy for customers that are released this week. Then, this happened, (all robbed & just the beginning) go figure.

It’s funny how the above businesses have this new “rule” and may even post “No Gun signs”  on their premises. Guess what, even if they have one of those really serious big voice “No Gun” signs posted, unless it is one of these, they are geberish and you are not breaking the law if you have a weapon with you even with the big scary “No Gun” sign posted. Sorry, Chilies & Sonic, it’s the law and yes, you have to follow it too smushy. Time for a C-Gar

If a licensed individual were to be hauled into court and have to spend time and money defending themselves from an invalid 30.06 sign, they would likely sue both the arresting officer and the store owner for damages to cover both  court expenses, and lost time.