There are countless servicemembers who I run into that routinely tell me they were a “sniper” in Vietnam. So many, I have thought “there must have been battalions of snipers apparently” not the case sports fans. However, there are thousands of servicemembers out there that have well above and beyond their call of duty and sometimes even share them with close friends and some don’t.

The Trump administration will be presenting the Medal of Honor to James McCloughan.

“McCloughan left the Army in 1970, and for the next four decades he taught psychology and sociology and coached football, baseball and wrestling at South Haven High School before retiring in 2008.”

In addition to the valor this warrior has, it is amazing, like him that we have silent heroes in America that just go on their way with their lives. Sometimes, someone notices what they truly have done and like this warrior are recognized. Semper Fi Sir. Time for a C-Gar

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