Things could get shady in Texas

//Things could get shady in Texas

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Usually about this time (3-5 days) after a significant event like Hurricane Harvey or Katrina, people begin to wear out.

At the 3-5 day mark, rescuers and those being rescued alike have been wearing the same clothes for some time, are stressed because they are realizing they have lost everything and just about 3-5 days, people with evil intentions begin doing dumb shit like looting and other crimes. It’s about this time bad things begin to happen.

First responders reaction time to crimes are nonexistent as they are taxed rescuing people. Some first responders are even getting rescued themselves. The generous “Cajun Navy” who was composed of volunteers from Louisiana came to Texas with their own boats and began rescuing Texans. Lately (confirmed from numerous sources) they have become under fire. I believe it was only a single event from what I can tell but one Cajun Navy boat crew approached people requesting help and then became under assault as thugs demanded their boats and wallets under gun point. They quickly departed the area into deeper water and in one case was shot at. Some reports say that dozens of members of the Cajun Navy have left and went back to Louisiana as their home town is becoming flooded and stated they aren’t helping if they are going to get shot at. ( I don’t blame them).

I live here in Texas and regardless of how proud I am of the state, there is always a small percentage of jackwagons who will do evil. (They are really dumb because in Texas we don’t put up with that shit). Thankfully, this administration has been very froward thinking and along with the activated 30k Natl Guard dudes going to help, Federal assets like the Texas Border Patrol, are arriving in Houston to replace and conduct rescues with heavy armed personnel and boats to squash any jack assery (Got to love Texas).

As well, this administration has activated the 26th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) to go to Houston as early as Thursday (Aug 31st) as they are loading the USS Kearsarge and Oak Hill as we speak full of Marines and badassery to assist.

“In November 2012, about 320 members of the 26th MEU and the amphibious assault ship Wasp helped New York City and New Jersey residents following Super Storm Sandy.”

The MEU brings a shit ton of resources aboard, tons of drinking water, Ospreys, AAVs, hover craft and oh ya, about 2500 infantry Marines as well. A Battalion size group of infantry Marines always accompany a MEU. So, ya, there will be a good sized can of whoop ass in Houston to suffocate any looting etc.

“Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, are getting ready to deploy to the Texas Gulf Coast aboard the amphibious assault ship Kearsarge in case they are called upon to help residents struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, officials said.

The Navy is preparing for the Virginia-based Kearsarge and the dock landing ship Oak Hill to get underway in case the ships are needed to help local emergency responders and the National Guard.

“We are continuing to plan and ready assets, should we get the call,” said Lt Cmdr. Brian Wierzbicki, spokesman for Fleet Forces Command in Norfolk. “We have gotten no official tasking as yet.”

Read more details about the MEU heading to Houston here

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