Was climbing into the Dually on Wed at the gym after a kick as workout and about to light a cigar when I saw an Army Joe very upset sitting in his car.

So, I asked “you good stud?” He began a 20 min rant about he is at an end. Frustrated,pissed,angry as he is trying to get VA paperwork about himself, for his wife so she can get a job but after 30 days, the VA has dragged their feet and his wife hasn’t been hired.

Short on money even though he is 100% disabled he’s just trying to provide for his wife and family. After listening, I told him,let me help ya. You go to the VA and go directly to the director. BTW,any servicemember can request to speak to your VA center director. Told him to be cool,kill them with kindness, and tell them, “help me help you”.

Was getting another beating on today at the gym and guess who aproached me? That warrior. He said “hey man,just want to say thanks as I what you told me and they were jumping to help me,they got me what I needed that day and my wife is going to get hired.” He said he was piseed and very frusrated and ready to just yell at anyone and appreciated the help. I told him, we got to look out for one another…..

The take away is it didn’t ever,ever cross our minds or matter if we were officers or enlisted,black or white or brown, we are suppose to help each other in time of need.

The warrior was a totally different guy today and by sharing this, I just want to point out we are all Americans, and you never know who is watching you,who you influence or help but if you can help someone,you should because we are as Americans, one team,one fight.

Time for a C-Gar




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