In 2017, there have been so many military officers “relieved” or let’s just call it what it is, fired, I can’t keep track. I tried, as I watched some Marine Officers relieved, but it grew so fast and so many it just left me shaking my head and asking, what the hell is the promotion boards for the Marine Corps and other branches doing?

Granted, it’s not rocket science guys, and I have known a few, no, a shit ton of very qualified officers and enlisted to be passed over and sent packing out of the military. These weren’t “yes men” or robots, these were combat hardened enlisted and officers that didn’t get selected to the next rank and forced out. How, a very tactfully sounded officer, with numerous combat deployments, served and checked all of the “boxes” like, recruiting duty, a B-billet etc and held command in all of his required job description, then, bam, forced out. I know of at least a dozen enlisted and officers in this situation.

Obviously the promotion boards are getting it wrong. Not sure if has been a mentality of those in the promotion boards that they want “robots” and yes men but they have promoted some real gems last year and now these servicemembers (not leaders) are screwing the pooch. The blame falls on you promotion boards. You are the screener and you are dropping the ball by pure example of all the poor selections you have selected to command just this year. I shutter at what is to come in the next couple of years.

The thing about command or any senior leadership position is if you are a fraud, you will be discovered. What I mean is if you have been some Generals kid, kissed ass all the way up and then get command and are a fraud of a leader, it will show, just as it has this year. The point is, it’s way too many and a disgrace to the junior members and the American people.



Five examples here

Marine One Commander fired

Two Camp Lejeune Commanders fired here

Another one here

Another one here


Twenty Five here just this year alone

US Army:

This one (this one was “suspended” not relieved……..suspended? WTF? For a DUI in the army you only get suspended? I could do a huge post on this one along for the love of zeuses maximus)

That’s what I found after only about five minutes of searching. I guarantee you there are more. Could it because of this ripple affect (HERE) and these members that now have been relieved were promoted? Makes you wonder a bit.

If you get bored, just google “Marine officers relieved” and you will be surprised on how many just this year there have been. I hold the Marine Corps promotion board solely responsible. Period. You are failing the American people. Stop worrying if your going to get yourself promoted and start doing what the American people

pay you to do and don’t be that “ass-man” that doesn’t go against the other members of the board and vote for a certain warrior just because he doesn’t fit the “agenda”.

I’ve sat on numerous enlisted promotion boards. One that pertains to this post is when I and one other infantry officer were the only infantry members on the board of about 20 Marine Officers. The rest of the “members” were supply, pilots etc. How this board worked is each Marine Officer gets a stack of Marine eligible for promotion books. One Marine, came up in my stack, he had a previous NJP (slap on the wrist, which show me a great Marine and I’ll show you a NJP in in his record) and he had some typical young Marine tattoos on his back. Skulls and typical shit. Nothing racial, no gang affiliations, just I’m drunk in Okinawa and got a tattoo. Basic Marine shit.

Additionally he was highly decorated from the multiple tours he had done both training and combat deployments. Had received a four year degree and was top of his class. When the voting came, every member except the other infantry officer and I voted him out. I couldn’t take it, so I addressed the president of the board, a Marine Colonel in front of the other officers and asked for an explanation from all of the officers that voted against him, why? The number one reason, he had a tattoo on his back. Oh fu*k sake, are you serious? Despite he was kick ass in education, leadership and experience, some cry baby log officers and such didn’t think he should be promoted. The president of the board overruled my rant. I don’t think he liked that I requested that it be noted by the promotion board recorders that this oversight is an injustice to the Marine Corps.

This is a snapshot of the mentality of the promotion boards in all ranks the past few years and we are seeing the results now. Great job promotion boards, don’t worry, frauds can’t hide and this means you as well.

Time for a C-Gar



  1. Great post. I’ve been retired (retarded) for 37+ years and couldn’t believe what I was reading with all the stories about CO’s being relieved. Now you have shed light on it. It’s all about standards, if you don’t keep them they will bite you on the ass.

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