I was working out yesterday at the gym, and this young Army joe approached me and told me “semper Fi” I wasn’t wearing any motard Marine garb but I guess he could tell I was a Marine. We discussed how he was in the Marines before going into the Amry and were discussing his plans and the use of the GI Bill.

It can be frustrating when dealing with the standard GI Bill and the Post 9-11 GI Bill and I was one of the authors of the Marine Corps Post 9-11 GI Bills and I still had to read the Marine Corps order over and over.

Now, there is a lot of breathing room for veterans when utilizing the GI Bill. Its the “Forever GI Bill” and here are some highlights:

1. There’s no longer an expiration date.

2. Purple Heart recipients will get more benefits. (as they should)

3. More people are eligible for Yellow Ribbon. (this is something many don’t take advantage on)

4. There’s some extra money — and time — for STEM degrees. (great deal)

5. Vets hurt by school shutdowns will get benefits back.

6. The VA will measure eligibility for benefits differently.

7. Reservists can count more of their service toward eligibility.

8. Housing stipends will decrease slightly.

10. Surviving family members will get more money, but less time.

11. School certifying officials must be trained.

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Time for a C-Gar

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