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We are so use to seeing aircraft flying in the sky. We often take for granted there are many, many parts moving very fast in that airplane and when one fails, shit gets bad quick. Additionally, we seem to take for granted the professionalism, training and knowledge and even giant cahones as a pilot when shit does go bad.

This is a great example of a pilot who dealt with his in air challenges on Aug 14th and was able to safely bring it down. Nicely done warrior. Time for a C-Gar

After a routine training run in Alpena County, Michigan in late July, US Air National Guard Capt. Brett DeVries survived the perfect storm of malfunctions to safely land his A-10 Thunderbolt II on its belly without the benefit of landing gear.

During a training exercise where A-10 pilots practice dropping inert bombs and ripping the planes’ massive gun, DeVries’ gun malfunctioned. Moments later, his canopy blew off his plane as he flew along at 375 miles an hour, according to a US Air National Guard write up of the event.

The incredible winds smacked DeVries head against his seat, nearly incapacitating him. “It was like someone sucker punched me,” he said. “I was just dazed for a moment.”

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