“At approximately 5:10 p.m. on September 7, 2016, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (NP) at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, heard screaming from an office adjacent to hers at Munson Army Health Center. The civilian NP ran into the hallway and found 26-year-old 1LT Katie Ann Blanchard, an active duty Registered Nurse (RN) and mother of three, on fire from the waist up. (Details of the attack from the FBI Criminal Complaint, dated 8SEP16 can be found here.)

The smell of gasoline filled the hallway. The NP could see another coworker, 54-year-old Clifford Currie, in the office with Katie.  He was clutching a straight-edged razor in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other. Currie, a short, rotund man weighing well over 200 pounds, was screaming at Katie and stabbing at her face even as she was engulfed in flames.”


So as I read this article, I couldn’t stop shaking my head and thought 1) Where is the hospital command, why aren’t they in a full court press for this officer 2) Why hasn’t anyone contacted the US Army Inspecting General on this HERE 3) Has anyone contacted the Warrior Care in DC about this? 4) Why hasn’t this been submitted to a Congressional Inquiry?

Now, I get it, there is always two sides to the story, perhaps the Army has her pay etc all “in motion” but my gut is telling me, there is something up here. The biggest issue is a total lack of leadership in support of her. A TOTAL LEADERSHIP FAILURE in support of this officer.

Her first and even second commanding officer as stated in the article are liable for not taking any actions. The hospital as a whole, is liable. Not only does she automatically qualify for the Traumatic Injury Coverage but also the Service Disability Compensation for Accidents Not Related to Combat. Why hasn’t these been awarded to her? Seriously, this is not only a major leadership failure across the board, but a total disgrace for the US Army and taking care of their own.

I not only see a Federal lawsuit here but a civil lawsuit looming in 1LT Katie Ann Blanchard favor, hands down and her previous and current chain of command should be under investigation for their negligent duty.

This reeks of failure of action/leadership and perhaps even the chain of command covering their six and  1LT Katie Ann Blanchard and her family getting the blunt end.

Obviously, no one in her chain of command present or previous has taken this seriously or considered her.

Easy enough, feel free to contact your Congress man about this. Yup, just email them a link to this post and ask them to look into it (ya know you can do that right?) as a concerned citizen and yes, they work for you. Contact them here https://www.house.gov/

I will be calling the Joint Forces Headquarters- Washington, DC – Inspecting General as well to see just by chance they know about this case and would like to comment. Feel free to do the same.  (202) 685-3321/3322 Hell, call them multiple times a day until something gets done.

Contact the GI Rights Hotline – Email girights@girightshotline.org or call them at 1877-447-4487 on your own behalf as a concerned citizen and ask them if they have ANY knowledge about this case. I’ve emailed them , the Warrior Care (warriorcare@osd.mil ) and the IG to ask them if they would like to comment on the situation. Should be a hoot! Feel free to do the same.

The fact that this Army officer is in this situation, no one has been held accountable, her and her family haven’t had action done on her behalf, no Natl news has picked up on this is frankly amazing. Again, perhaps I’m wrong but after a diligent search, I haven’t found anything about this situation and that is a crime in it self and the fact that Louise Freeman had to start a website to bring attention to this and a military blogger has to kick some cans should be embarrassing enough for the US Army. Read the initial article about this story by Louise Freeman HERE

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  1. One Marine?

    I gotta hear your answer.

    HOW does a service-member SUE the military? I have asked DOZENS of lawyers. My injury was from MEDICAL MALPRACTICE. I am constantly told there is nothing I can do.

    Am I wrong? Are the lawyers wrong?


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