Gen Neller, Marine Corps Commandant has directed a 24 hour aircraft stand down throughout the Marine Corps aviation world. They can take the 24 hour stand down whenever it meets their training schedule and does not affect combat deployed units.

I get it, hell, two major aerial platforms crash within weeks. Usually, in the Marine Corps, this type of stand down is a Marine Corps wide reaction to a ‘negligent” incident. Something is telling me that the C-130 and even more recent Osprey crash have after initial investigation pointed to a negligence issue and will be announced as “pilot error”.

Despite that, the Marine Corps has been hammered with deficient funds especially in the F18 department, however not in other platforms. Maintenance crews work their asses off to keep these birds of all nomenclatures flying. It’s a beast of a job. For example, for every hour a helo flys, there are approximately 18 hours of maintenance coming. I can’t imagine what it is for the Osprey. Those Marines work their butts off 24/7 in many cases. Grunts bitch about going to the field, while maintenance chiefs slay their young Marines day and day out. They are heroes behind the scenes.

When one reads the title Marine Corps grounds all aircraft, they initially think we hare screwed but this is simply a “stand down” for yes, 24 hours. Most likely it was began for many squadrons on Friday where they did a few procedures briefs and killed a bunch of young Marines by power point classes (poor Fers) by Majors who love to do powerpoint and then they got off work early Friday. Meanwhile, Monday, it will be back to the norm and the Commandant can say “I’ve done a Marine Corps wide stand down” (Rahr in big CMC voice) to Congress.

Time for a C-Gar


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