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Guadalcanal ranks right up there with Iwo Jima in Marine speak. It is sacred ground where Marines cut their teeth and were frankly bad asses. Having the opportunity to visit Guadalcanal when I was overseas, I saw first hand of the nasty battle ground and stood on bloody ridge. Fighting holes and barb wire are still there from the battle. As I scooped up dirt with my hand, about every third handful either had a bullet round of a uniform button in it. A very nasty fight and Marines prevailed as they fought 800 against 3000 Japanese.

Not far from bloody ridge is the spot where John Basilone was involved in this battle and received the Medal of Honor. I stood in the approximate area where he fought and ya, there were still clips from weapons in the dirt. He was surrounded, screwed and yet prevailed. Makes you daily work day seem achievable wont you say? Thanks to my Aussie buddies who got me to Guadalcanal. I always cherish it.

Time for a C-Gar

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