In a court decision, the judge has ruled that KBR, the government contractor who supervised burn pits in operating bases in Iraq & Afghanistan is not liable for deaths and sicknesses cause by burn pits.

We discussed it here and yes, everything got thrown into the burn pits, everything. I have no doubt that those sick and or died from diseases that worked the burn pits were a direct result of all of the nasty shit that was thrown in there.

“My husband is DEAD because of burn pits,” Dina McKenna, whose husband, former Army Sgt. William McKenna, died in 2010 from a rare form of T-cell lymphoma after serving in Iraq, told McClatchy in an email. “I want someone to be held accountable.”

Now, the 700 servicemembers who initially began the case and the tens of thousands of those that don’t even know they have symptoms from burn pits are out of luck.

Susan Burke, a Baltimore-based attorney who represents the plaintiffs, told McClatchy that her clients will file an appeal to the 4th Circuit.

With an appeal down the road, eating up more of these injured warriors cash, I’m not holding my breath this is going through. Just another way those that go forward are being pushed aside. Tragic, to say the least. Time for a C-Gar Read more here

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