Because my 23+ years of accumulation of Marine Corps “silkies” are well, tired, I highly recommend getting your significant other (his/hers one type is good for all) a pair of these bad boys! Nothing tells the neighbors “pound sand” like mowing the grass in these babies and I recommend smoking a cigar when you do it as well!! What’s not to like, breathable, comfy, and they don’t bind “the boys”. Plus, they scream “Murica!!”

Use discount code “Veteran” to get 20% off (unless your not a veteran, then it would be really dickish to use the discount code veteran.)

Get yours here

DOC SPARTAN also has kick ass beard balm (tested). Time for a C-Gar

The only place in the world to grab subdued American Flag Ranger Panties. There should be only 5 colors in any man’s palette – red, white, blue, OD green, and black.

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