“The announcement Friday that Chief of Staff Reince Priebus had resigned from his role left a gaping hole in the Trump team. Yet the President was quick to appoint a successor. Retired Marine General John Kelly will be taking over the helm of the Trump staff. Kelly is known for his quiet, no-nonsense approach to leadership.”

Just the mere shock and all that is enveloping the White House would make any great American proud. Marine General John Kelly will be taking over the helm of the Trump staff as the Chief of Staff as he departs Homeland Secretary position.

Back in 2013, The US Marine Corps had six, four-star Generals that were all active at once. Three of them are now on the Trump Presidential staff.

Gen Mattis – Secretary of Defense. Fire eater, sole made of Kevlar, one tenth below Chesty Puller is badassery, makes chuck Norris nervous and would take a bullet for any Marine. Call sign (Chaos 6),Water Walker, talks kindly as your soul shivers. Scientific Marine name: Selachimorpha-Ikillalot.

Gen Dunford– Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Class Act, will smile at you before he brings the eternal weight of the Marine Corps onto your pos. Former Commandant, children love him, Americas enemies hate him. Will kill you with kindness then sell your sole on Ebay for a dollar. Scientific Marine name: Apristurus profundorum-bigchiefcommandantus

Gen Kelly-Presidential Chief of Staff (Was Homeland Secretary). Stern, no bullshit, get the job done, but I’ll shake your hand when you do it like I told you to do it. Scientific Marine name: Galeocerdo cuvier-doitrightthefirsttimeorLllgutyoumaximus

There are some heavy hitters in the picture above, and I have met and served with most of them. I can tell you this, that if America went to Mars, these guys would build a Natl Security force to hold the high ground on that red rock! Just the fact that three of these warriors are now on the same team in Washington and now that Gen Kelly is the Chief of Staff should put the fear of baby Jesus into all of our enemies. If the mathematical equations permitted it, we would have turned three hundred and eighty degrees away from the patty cake crap we were led by the last eight years but only Einstein could put together some crazy ass shit equation to calculate the amount of baddassery these three can generate in a short time. Hell, I bet even if he had one of those wall sized chalkboards he couldn’t even figure the awesomeness that radiates throughout the halls when these three get together.

baddassery equation

If you did’t know Gen Kelly lost his son in combat 1st Lieutenant Robert Kelly- was killed in Afghanistan in 2010. Just a few days after his death, Gen Kelly gave this speech and paints a clear picture of his awesomeness.

These are Marine Generals, they maintain the highest respect as Marine Corps Generals by Marines. Not because they have four very shinny stars on their uniform, but because they are Marine, Marines. Marines love them for their tenacity, courage and badassery. These are the type of officers junior Marines walk through fire for. Are they human? Jury is still out.

It will be obvious, every Marine will have a quicker step in their walk now that all of these Marines are on the same team again but this time, it’s, the Presidential team.

Time for a C-Gar


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