This is a touching video of a military family beginning their life together. A Marine, his new wife and a son from a previous partner. However, when the new wife begins to read her vows, the little boy knows what’s happening, he knows he’s getting a mom and he shows it.  A little guy reaching out to his new mon is overwhelmed with happiness and just wants to be hugged. It’s amazing to see someone who knows they are loved……..may want to put on a gas mask, I think there is something that will get into your eyes. Time for a C-Gar

When Emily Leehan married Josh Newville, she knew his 4-year-old son was part of the deal. In her time dating Josh, she had stepped into the role of “bonus parent” for his son.

It made sense, then, that she deliver wedding vows specifically to the boy that would be a huge part of her life. Her words left everyone in tears.

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