Every day, warriors of all branches continue to train and train and train. Some, actually many deploy and the basic joe sitting next to you in that cubicle has no idea or fact in that matter probably doesn’t even care.

Now, if numbbuts next to you read One Marine’s View, he/she would perhaps begin to “Get it”. But let’s say they don’t read this blog and also don’t make sound decisions like you do.

So many American’s after 9-11 were united. Flags everywhere, patriotism at an all-time high. During the Afghan and Iraq deployments I was on I would receive care packages and letters. The packages were great but the letters by Americans who took the time to actually write to my Marines and I meant a ton! They cared and when you have a bunch of young fire eaters deployed and they know they are cared about, they are unstoppable.

Now, it’s off of everyone’s radar. Tell me I’m wrong. I have seen firsthand of the declined amount of care packages being sent to warriors unlike that of years past. I have seen fewer American flags displayed.

Many today not only concern themselves that we have young steely eyed warriors in some very dangerous places, they also don’t care. Now, if you are reading this blog, I know you “Get it” and give a crap but trust me, there are millions out there that really don’t bother themselves that we are still at war.

Is it a generation? The Millennials or whatever else some of these fruity ass kids are calling themselves? Hell, some of them aren’t even sure what shitter to use. Seriously, are you that screwed up kid?  What happened to your own personal “concern” for our troops? Is your American flag up?

Take a look below at a snap shot of where we have warriors currently.


 Picture source & more numbers here

 It seems that many love to live under the blanket of security and go on with their “spinners” and other bullshit gadgets that do nothing productive for their lives but holy hell, if a plane crashes into a building, they are all of sudden keyboard warriors and military experts. How about you just join up son or little lady and come join my beloved Marine Corps for even a short four years? I know you won’t, why? Because if it was easy, everyone would be a Marine and frankly, so many today are only concearned about one thing, themselves. Now, if you can’t serve, I get it, age, disability etc. I get it. Is your flag up? Did you know before this post we have a ton of warriors in Syria?

If you answered no, then take a minute in your day and just be grateful you live in America. The fact that you have clean water, a warlord isn’t stealing all of your neighborhood kids to be sex slaves. Better yet, try this, the next time you see a man/woman in uniform, simply tell them thank you. Trust me, it will go a long way with them. Now, go get your American flag up.

Some worry that employers won’t understand how service translates to the civilian world or will rely on stereotypes when hiring. Without proper training, Hodges said, a junior staffer could look at a résumé and think: “Hmm, military. My cousin’s brother’s sister was in the military — maybe not.”

Read more here about a similar servicemembers account.

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