If you have been in the military for more than a day you tend to hear some stupid shit. Many times it comes from Lieutenants brand new in a unit (I was one so I can say that) and every good Lt has a bad ass salty Staff NCO backing him up and teaching him the way ahead.

Many times, you hear stupid ideas. I heard many during my combat deployments. Some, I simply shook my head and wondered how that one sperm made it in and I was looking at the result of random probability. However, every once in a while, physical signs of intelligence are apparent and some young warrior comes up with what appears to be a “stupid” idea but after considering the circumstances and threat, if it works, it’s not a stupid idea.

I’m sure in your daily job you have heard of some stupid ideas but occasionally, war game that idea, shoot it full of holes and see if perhaps it may actually be genius. Time for a C-Gar

Well, they’re not unarmed anymore. A video released by the Egyptian Ministry of Defense celebrating the Cleopatra 2017 exercise with the French navy shows that the Egyptians have channeled MacGyver — the famed improviser most famously played by Richard Dean Anderson — to fix the problem.

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