So, here is a 70 year old Veteran, Jim Tinney (did I mention he is 70 years old?) that works at HomeDepot.  Situation: Turds come into the store and steal some tools and like the dirtbags they are they take off. Jim moves into action and pursues the thief’s and actually throws a paint roller at them! “In the Army, they train you to do things like that,” he said.

Pretty motto that we have a 70 year old with the ball sack to stand up to thieves (not surprising actually) but still pretty motto and then out of store policy, Home Depot fires him for violating some cry baby lawyer written policy about confronting thieves.

Home Depot spokesman Stephen Holmes said the policy is in place for safety reasons. I agree with Jim, they could have written him up, reprimanded him or in my opinion, gave him a cool hat to wear with something like “Make my Day” or I have balls, thieves don’t” or something like that on the front of it.  But no, they fired him. Lame.

Jim, go work at Lowes, I like their service better and frankly, everything better about Lowes than Home of lameness.

It’s a sad day when companies are structured to “protect” themselves by lawyers so much they degrade an important lesson of right and wrong. True, Jimbo could have gotten shot, I don’t think he really gave a shit. Perhaps Lowes should start arming their Vets, that would slow thieves down and deter them. Good thing I’m not a Lowes manager, we would be heading to the freaking range  with all employees. I bet I wouldn’t get robbed or stolen from at my store.

Hope to see you at Lowes Jim! Time for a C-Gar

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  1. Definitely go to Lowe’s. They were first to give 10% military discount that Home Depot copied. Lowe’s CEO is a veteran.

  2. Lowe’s is the only store I shop at I stopped shopping at Home Depot in 2003 and Target and other stores that disrespect our Service Men and Women or our Country but espeacialloy our Military I will not tolerate it so I take my money to where our Military is treated with love and RESPECT.

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