For my fellow whisky drinkers, spouses trying to find something cool for their man in their life or for those college knuckleheads trying to look cool at parties (scratch that get your ass back to studying college kids) here are some alternatives to ice or even those whiskey rocks made out of granite to keep your whiskey chilled.


The beginnings can be traced back to a friendly bet on a Gunnery Range at Ft Carson, CO.  When I was a young Platoon Leader my battle buddy and I wagered a bottle of scotch on who would earn the higher Gunnery score.  Thanks to an amazing Crew, and a lightning fast Gunner who was taught by an incredible Platoon Sergeant, I won that bet.   Fast forward a few years to 2003, and my buddy and I ran into each other in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq.  As we sat there catching up we talked about that bottle of Scotch and how much we looked forward to drinking some when we one day made it home.  Of course, sitting in the heat he remarked that he wanted his nice and cold. Read more here

They go for $79 and are worth it! After they are chilled in the freezer, who wouldn’t want to have a nice frag grenade handy in their drink? I have these along with all of the gear featured on this blog and wouldn’t put it here if it sucked.

Time for a C-Gar!

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