In all of my combat deployments there were burn pits. All of them. Everything and I mean everything got thrown in those things. Routinely the dark black smoke would bellow over the Forward Operating Base (FOB) emitting the nastiest of smells. Occasionally, you would get the “cook off” of unexpended small arms ammo or Hummer battery. When things get really hot when the pit is full you would get an occasional boom or bang and initially you thought they were IED detonations but after about a week, you were able to determine the difference from IEDs and Hummer batteries exploding. Like one is better than the other.  This will be interesting to watch as KBR is trying to get the case dismissed all together. If it doesn’t go away, KBR will have to pay and pay bigtime.

If you served in Iraq or Afghanistan and haven’t registered on the Burn Pit Registry, you need to so if this goes through, you may be entitled to some compensation. Register here!!

For Dina McKenna, the case represents hope for long-delayed justice from a military contractor. The widow, who now lives in Tennessee, initially survived on charitable donations until Veterans Affairs benefits kicked in after her 41-year-old husband, former Army Sgt. William McKenna, died in 2010 from a rare form of T-cell lymphoma. He had served in Iraq.

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