When people think of ESPN Magazine’s “The Body” issue, they usually think of perfectly sculpted bodies of multi-million dollar athletes. This year, the magazine went with another type of perfect body to grace their cover, that of a wounded Marine veteran turned mountain climber and competitive snowboarder named Kirstie Ennis.

Fortunately, through five combat deployments, I came away without a scratch. However, many didn’t and I can tell you, those (like this Marine) who are amputees are bad MoFos.

Amputees go through so much pain during the initial injury, through rehap, through hell, the rest of their life. I don’t think they are really “free” from pain. Its easy to see them and think, “oh your have had surgery and your all peachy now”…..wrong. Their daily pain can be very nasty. This Marine actually snowboards(bad ass) and is pretty damn active. Kinda makes ya look at yourself in the mirror when you say “I’m going to loose five pounds”……Puhlease…..Try staying in shape with one leg or one arm. Puts it in perspective, yes? Make this week count! Time for a C-Gar!

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