There is a lot of truth to the below article between the Rangers & Green Berets. Knowing a lot of both, I have seen booth work in austere conditions, under duress and perform brilliantly. A similar comparison to Rangers and Marine Corps infantry is they both operate very close to the same. Sure, many Rangers have different skill sets and perhaps more specialized training, that’s why they are Rangers. Additionally, like that of Marine Infantry and Green Berets they both utilize the uncanny ability to adapt and overcome.

Now, before you vets out there get your panties in a wad, I’m not saying Marine Corps infantry, Green Berets and Rangers are equal etc. etc. Each branch skill set is unique to do specific operations. I am simply saying that in the Marine Corps infantry we have stolen a little bit of this and that from other branches and turn our infantry Marines (especially at the lower ranks) into very responsible, motivated and adapting warriors. I believe this is what sets the Army infantry and Marine Corps infantry apart on the grand scheme. The Marine Corps gives junior Marines much more responsibility and latitude than the Army gives their junior Soldiers. But hey, that’s just One Marine’s View. Time for a C-Gar

The new secretary of defense had been confirmed and was touring the Pentagon, taking briefings on the capabilities of his forces. He had a well-deserved reputation as a no-nonsense guy. After a briefing on Special Operations Forces, he was escorted to lunch by a Green Beret officer. The secretary’s confused look did not bode well as they walked through the E ring. “I understand how SOF is different from conventional forces, but the Rangers and Green Berets seem just alike to me. You have a Special Forces Tab and a Ranger Tab. What’s the difference?” Read more here

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