Marine Corps Drill Instructors are always held to the very highest standards. Are they evil? I sure thought they were when I went to boot camp but I also loved them. They were tough, demanded the very best from recruits and continued to believe in them even after the recruit gave up on themselves. This is a mess.

A former Parris Island battalion commander will face a general court-martial on charges stemming from incidents leading up to the death of Muslim recruit Raheel Siddiqui last year.

Lt. Col. Joshua Kissoon is the highest ranking Marine and the only officer to be referred to a court-martial in connection with investigations into abuse and hazing at the Corps’ East Coast recruit depot at Parris Island in South Carolina.

And when you think it cant get any worse, they had a “holy shit” moment when they found out that the DI that was involved in this matter was already under investigation for another event.

At Kissoon’s June 5 Article 32 hearing, witnesses recalled that Parris Island commanders had a “holy crap” moment the morning after Siddiqui’s death. They realized that Felix was not supposed to be training recruits because he was still under investigation for a separate incident the year before

In the Marine Corps we firmly believe you as a leader are responsible for everything your Marines do, or do not do, thus the Battalion Commander, although not the one who actually was there when these recruits were harmed, is responsible in the end. It’s called being a leader kids. Google that shit. Time for a C-Gar (Read full story here)

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