Cmd. Sgt. Major James Jordan speaks about the 35th Signal Brigade’s imminent deployment to Iraq.

Many know Michael Jordan but so few know he has a brother nonetheless, that he is in the Army.

Meet Command Sgt. Maj. Jordan We yield to no one in our admiration of Michael Jordan, but I can’t figure out why we haven’t heard anything about his oldest brother James — make that the Army’s Command Sgt. Maj. James R. Jordan. Command Sgt. Maj. Jordan is completing his thirtieth year of service with the Army’s 35th Signal Brigade and reaching his mandatory retirement date. Because his unit is about to be deployed to Iraq for a year, however, he has asked for permission to extend his duty for the year. Separated in the height department from his baby brother by nearly a foot, Command Sgt. Maj. Jordan appears to have set the example for him in the heart department. He is retiring today after a successful year tour in Iraq. Time for a G-Gar

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