If you ever see a young Marine Lieutenant with a K-Bar taped to his harness and has every single piece of gear out of Cabela’s on himself, he is known as a “gear queer”. Now before all of you rainbow warriors out there attack me, chill the hell out, the Marine Corps has copyrights on that saying. It’s in the Geneva Convention, article two I believe. Look it up.

Any ways, in my humble Marine opinion (ha!) you have to keep a balance between smashing Jack Daniels and chain smoking Punch Cigars, or, you will die. Thus, I PT my ass off. I work out 5 days a week and take the weekends off, well because I usually can’t feel my knees or lower back by then so hey, give me a break.

There is nothing worse than “working out” and not measuring your gains besides getting on a scale and lying to yourself (put the donut down). Thus, I purchased a Fit Bit. Now, there are dozens of these types of watches out there. Some are made with a GPS built I and I think one even starts the space shuttle but the Fitbit HR2 is a pretty run of the mil version.

Make every beat count with Fitbit Charge 2, a heart rate and fitness wristband that automatically tracks all-day activity, exercise and sleep. It keeps you motivated with advanced fitness features and displays real-time stats.

It’s very durable and does track your sleep pretty good. Is there a margin of error in the heart rate readings etc? Hell I guess but if you are worried about those small deviations, go check into a hospital, seriously. This baby also allows you to enter your water intake, food calories (if you aren’t too lazy to do it) and really give you feed back on your progress. I like the ability to customize the messages it give you if you sit on your ass too long. My say things like, “get moving fat ass” and the like. They run about $120 ish but I recommend purchasing yours at Best Buy because for an extra $20 they will replace it regardless what is broken on it. Can’t beat that. The read out on it is bright at night, so don’t wear this thing on your “recon” mission especially you soccer moms out there. Also, the read out is very nice during the day. I have gone over a week before having to charge this beast which is awesome. Usually, because it’s only water resistant, when I shower, I hook it up to the charger and it gets a little charge each dat and that makes it go for some time.

If you are serious (not New Years Eve, I’m going to loose weight serious) but no shit I’m going to loose some weight serious, I highly recommend this bad boy and no, I’m not getting paid to say this shit. If it was junk, I would say that then throw it at that Sara Connor looking lady who always passes me during my runs. Time for a C-Gar

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