It’s crazy how so many people, especially today go about their nice cozy lives, bitch and moan about work and the “small” things in their day that really get them fired up. Well, hotrod, you should remember, we are still at war and fighting in shitholes across the planet. Today, especially since our “news” networks don’t air anything about your warriors “getting some” Americans go about their business and have forgotten that our sons and daughters are fighting. Sad.

There are many great things being done against bad guys and they are being done by young warriors in the twenties. Many here in the twenties are bitching about a freaking “safe space” Oh for the love of Zeusious Maximus you got to be shitting me. We have such a soft ass generation in America today that they wouldn’t know how to survive the first week where these gunfighters are at. Pathetic. Keep fighting boys!  Time for a C-Gar

In Raqqa, the Syrian Democratic Forces just finished the first month of offensive operations to defeat ISIS in the terrorist army’s self-declared capital, taking about 17 square miles of ground from ISIS in and around the city.

“On Monday night, the SDF gained a foothold into the old city of Raqqa by breaching the ancient al-Rafiqa wall, and they are now progressively pushing further into the city,” the general said. “The SDF are exerting pressure on ISIS from four different fronts throughout the city with a push to the east along the southern portion of the Euphrates River. ISIS is now completely encircled by SDF forces”.”

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