Navy Seal testifies about wound during Bowe Bergdahl search

//Navy Seal testifies about wound during Bowe Bergdahl search


This is pretty interesting that they are having those that went out to look for this guy testify against him. Although six warriors were KIA in directly looking for this guy, I can remember many missions we went on where intel tipped us off that he may have been seen which resulted in an empty search. We weren't the only ones who experienced this, many units had similar mission which the general public doesn't realize, there were many servicemen looking for him and all were in harms way. These six just got in a very bad gunfight in a bad area. By having these types of testimonies means Bergdahl has a long road ahead of him Time for a C-Gar Read more here

"We need to know so we can tell Sgt. Bergdahl what the consequences are," Fidell told the judge, Col. Jeffery R. Nance.

Nance responded that Bergdahl can choose to plead guilty to the lesser offense of unauthorized absence, or AWOL, but that prosecutors could continue pursuing the more serious desertion charge if they weren't satisfied. The judge said he would rule later on the defense's arguments about the duration of Bergdahl's absence.

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