So here is a case where this Indiana High school decided to turn away this young man who recently graduated from Marine Corps Boot Camp and desired to wear his dress blues. 

I get it. There is no greater feeling to finish three months of the toughest military boot came, getting yelled at, having your world as you know it turned upside down, being tested way beyond your physical standards and signing a blank check to if required sacrifice your life for your country.


There are always two sides of an argument. The practice has served us well as it has allowed the class to show unity by dressing the same, but also allowing for individual accomplishments to be recognized by wearing stoles and chords,” (school principal). “There is no direct reference to military uniforms at graduation in the school bylaws.”



With this being said by the principal, I can’t help to think this school maybe a bit biased towards the military. I don’t know perhaps I’m wrong (sarcasm) but why in zeusious maximus why would you miss the opportunity to capitalize on the opportunity to 1) show your patriotism, 2) honor an individual that is willing to put their country above themselves and 3) recognize an American that has accomplished the toughest boot camp ahead of schedule, and has already established himself as a leader for all of the other students to see?

Crazy right? Now, if the “by-laws” stated something like “all graduating students will wear xyz” cool, I get it and I’m sure the hardcharger would fall in line. But not only did they not let him wear his dress blues, or a graduation gown, they didn’t allow him to walk across the stage. Well, that escalated quickly……was that a trident you had?

This hardcharger from the same school who recently just graduated from the Army boot camp, decided to wear his cap and gown vs his uniform. He walked across the stage as planned. Jacob Dalton Stanley (Marine) didn't get to because he showed up in his uniform. Interesting.

In my opinion, if he couldn’t wear his dress blues and the school was still a cry baby liberal everyone wins and gets a trophy type of school then they should have at least have let him get into a cheap ass Chinese made graduation gown and do the walk like the recent Army grad. Instead, the Marine shrugged it off and went on his way. Good on ya hard charger. Welcome to the Marine Corps family. You have already proven yourself to have more courage and leadership than your school principal. It will be first of many where people get all flustered when Marines show up, especially foreign countries. The only mistake you made is to have winked at the principals wife because she knows she is married to a pussy. Crown Point Highschool, all you did is made a bad name for yourselves, community and show your true colors for not allowing him to put a gown on and do the walk.  Great job, you get a trophy, for dumbasses. Get your shit together principal. Time for a C-Gar

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