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This could be a very good thing for Vets. Let me give you an example: A Marine officer buddy of mine retired and was looking to get a job but the job he was applying for needed a letter stating his disability. Here is a news flash, the VA (once you submit your claim) has a 120 day buffer built in before they will review/make a decision on the disability rating. A hundred and twenty days! That may not seem like much but let me explain further. A Vet that has to wait 120 days before getting a rating or any money is just long enough for several bad things to happen.

If the Vet is in the 80-100% disability, they may actually be totally relying on the VA compensation to continue life as you and I know it. Think about it, you’re injured in the service, and can’t work. You are a young Marine, no spouse and very limited bank account. Within 120 days, your car will get repossessed, your apartment will boot ya and so on as far as bills let alone food etc.

My buddy went directly to the VA director (FYI-any vet can ask to see their director, without an appointment) and told her his story. She explained she understood the 120 day buffer because the VA get so many packages a month and that’s the buffer they give themselves. He continued to explain how the VA is actually preventing him from getting hired instead of following their creed to “take care of vets”. He further continued to explain if this is happening to a Marine Officer, how many junior servicemen are getting jacked for the same buffer?

Stunned mullen expressions were a plenty.

Consequently, the Marines VA package was looked at well before the 120 days expired and he began receiving compensation. However, what about all of those in the same situation that didn’t march into the director’s office? This is where this “hot line” will come in handy for situations like this and many more like it out there. This is a great move by President Trump and shows for the first time in a while a President that is taking actions for Vets.

Time for a C-Gar

White House officials will "soft-launch" a veterans' complaint hotline this week in preparation to fulfill one of President Trump's campaign promises by August, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said on Wednesday.

The details of the hotline's debut are "being worked out tomorrow," Shulkin told reporters during a rare appearance at the White House. The phone line will allow veterans to call in their complaints and concerns about conditions at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The hotline is 855-948-2311

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