I have seen many gut wrenching events like the this where warriors go above and beyond. Many people just don’t get it though. You see, when you serve with fellow warriors, there is a very unique bond. I can’t really explain it unless you go through all of the training, sweat, blood, fear, boredom and even sometimes a little happiness. Regardless of rank, there is a understood appreciation that is usually simply acknowledged by a casual head nod to one another, however, it goes much further than that.

When the stepdaughter of a fallen Green Beret walked across the stage for her high school graduation, the cheers from 80 soldiers of the Army 7th Special Forces Group filled the football field. 

Even if you didn’t serve at the same time as the warrior in need, there are times you know where that warrior has been, has done and the bond extends as well. I always call it the Marine Corps mafia because there were times people would ask me why I did this or that and I would just reply, “because of the Marine Corps Mafia”. We are Marines, forever, no one can take that away and we look out for one another. True, it extends to our fellow branches (yes, even the USAF, but we laugh at them allot too) because we know that because of the 1% of Americans that serve, there is a bond that lasts a lifetime. Time for a C-Gar


I thought, ‘Mark, you gotta be looking down and smiling down on this one,’” she said. “They reached out on behalf of their fallen brother to let his daughter know they were going to be there for her. It made my heart feel so good, because she had been through so much to get to that day.” Read more here

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