Memorial day. Although for many, the main focus of this weekend will be what time they are to meet friends and family for a BBQ or party, I ask that if even for a few minutes you stop to ponder what thousands of parents, spouses and family members think every day of their life. The loss of their loved ones who gave all in support of America.

Too often people go throughout their day without knowing the loss of a loved one to war. Perhaps their only son or friend. Too often Americans take for granted the luxurious things we have in America like clean running water, electricity, technology and the like. They often take for granted how well we have it here in America. I often tell friends how I would love to take a class of “seniors” from any high school to Helmand Province or Ramadi Iraq and let them truly see how good we have it in America. They would be shocked.

Nonetheless, those that take for granted the great living we have in America, also take for granted those that gave all to support America in the time of war. So, for those that don’t feel the “loss” every day, respect those that do this weekend and remember, great men gave all for what we have today. Every Day is Memorial Day. Time for a C-Gar








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