While visiting Guadalcanal, I saw first hand US tank hules still on the beach and in the jungle. Very crazy.  A bit ago I helped locate a dog tag to a servicemember, this ties into these researchers finding these wrecks and returning the warriors back home. Time for a C-Gar

Every time University of Delaware researcher Mark Moline finds a submerged World War II aircraft, he is overcome by a mixture of relief, excitement, solemnity and sorrow.  

Such is the life of a scientist devoted to finding the bodies of American servicemen missing in action Read more here


  1. My late Marine Col. Father In Law was in this fight and more when he was a young stud 3rd LT. Marine. He told me some stories away from his wife & daughters that made me shiver. He never told them his South Pacific war stories ever. He was the finest man I ever met and he has been gone 8 years now. He was 88 years old. One of the greatest generation for sure.

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