If you read One Marine’s View you should have read about Cpl Leavey and “Rex” HERE, and HERE and learned that Cpl Leavey served in Iraq in 2006 in Ramadi and Fallujah as a dog handler.


 After being wounded, as standard protocol, the dog “Rex” stayed in theater and continued to work as it was unharmed. After Cpl Leavey recovered she began the long almost impossible task of adopting Rex as her own. Usually, this doesn’t happen as the US Gov has paid allot for the dog, the training and such and wants to gets its money, or your tax payer money worth of the “asset”. Kinda blunt I know but hey kids, that’s business.

After a very long fight through the politics and red tape, she did get to adopt the dog in 2012 and now, there is a movie coming out in June about it. Despite that the movies Marine advisor was apparently asleep, it looks pretty good but I’m pretty tough on movies that portray Marines. If you are going to have actors be “Marines” in movies for the love of zeusesmaximus, dress them correctly, we are Marines and we are a certain way. But hey, if that’s my only bitch (and it’s a small one) it’s no big deal.

Check out the movie trailer below… might get something in your eye after watching it………

Time for a C-Gar


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