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I do find it interesting that back during Iraq & Afg, there were stories and even updates on the news about America's warriors fighting badguys. Now, perhaps I missed it, you don't see anything about it unless it's some talking head trying to boost their ratings or stir up controversy.

The "news" today is a joke. More of a revenue machine instead of a information venue. Reporters obligation to report the facts and provide checks and balence have disappeared into making rating and causing controversy. Pathetic. 

This is why I think some bajilionaire, should hire me to start the NSN, No Shit Network! I would even have a morning show, with a cigar and black coffee. Veterans could be the hosts, infantry guys would give the weather and probably include a few F bombs describing the Fing cold front. Dudes with beards giving gun reviews, local police and firemen featured and shown as heroes instead of lame ducks like that Kapernack looser. 

I have to hire a bunch of you readers for special segments, everyday average joes, telling it like it is. 

There would probably random animals as guests on the set, adoptions and if we were backed with enough dough, we wouldn't need ratings to make money and regardless, I bet we would have a large audiance. Only in America! Time for a C-Gar!

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