Eli Rosenberger is a naval flight officer based in Oak Harbor, Washington. Eli was on Jeopardy tonight, in his service dress blues, shiny NFO wings and all! How did Eli do on Jeopardy tonight? Well, let’s just say whatever winnings he managed will now go toward buying a lot of beers for a lot of sailors in his squadron — for starters.

In case you don't know, the answer is "Whos is the Navy"………Fail

Poor Navy dude…….Time for a C-Gar


  1. …so, I turn to my wife and ask her “what does 10-10-1775 mean to you?” She responds truthfully that “it was the day that God designated as the birth of the United States Marine Corps and thus the day you would eventually become an asshole.” Well, looks like she took extra credit on that one didn’t she? Now that’s time for a ‘c-gar…….(asshole??? For the record people make me an asshole, The Corps didn’t do it, people do……asshole….the Corps showed me how to be a proper, well spoken, one…..)…… 😉

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