You may have heard of a story where Marines in Grenada had to actually use a credit card to call back to Camp Lejeune to pass on grid coordinates for a close air support mission (best depicted in the movie (Heartbreak Ridge) as their radio in the battle was destroyed. They found a landline in an abandoned building and called Camp Lejeune collect ( no shit) well that like the below actually happened.

I've know at least once we have used a satellite phone and made some pretty unique phone alls in support of the mission but not as cool as this. The Marines were using the M107 50 cal sniper rifle and as it stopped working while in a gunfight, they called the manufacturer. They were glad to help. Read more here

When you need help, there’s nothing embarrassing about asking for it. Especially when the pressure is on to get it right as soon as possible.

Rifles are no different. And if you have to call an arms manufacturer for a problem there, it’s probably a big deal.
That’s why Barrett Firearms Manufacturing provides service for its products long after they enter military service. Most notably, the beloved Barrett M-107 .50-caliber rifle.



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