If you are not aware, there is a major scandal unfolding within the Marine Corps. BLUF (Bottom line up front) There was a “secret” community of enlisted, veteran, civilian and perhaps officers who were online and posting improper/naked photos of female Marines and making totally inappropriate comments.

For all those Marines out there bitching about “annual training” requirements all the time, this is what causes you to get them over and over and over and over. This crap not only creates unit inefficiency and readiness and improper behavior, it degrades our fellow Marines beyond comprehension.

I don’ t know if it’s this generation of Marines currently serving, as many of the Fallujah and Ramadi combat fighting Marines have been forced out of the Corps due to the sequestration or the leadership. As a leader, you are responsible for everything your Marine does, or doesn’t do. That’s just how it is in the Marines.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service on Monday confirmed that the agency is working to determine whether felony charges are warranted. A spokesman, Ed Buice, declined to provide further details or disclose how many people are being investigated but said the probe, ongoing for weeks, could include active-duty personnel, military veterans and those unaffiliated with the military. 

If any of this “browsing” was done on a government computer or at work, the leadership should especially be held accountable. This is more than just a bored online internet deal. This is a leadership failure.

I have seen some unprecedented “changes” under this current Marine Corps Commandant that the majority of the Corps doesn’t support. Perhaps, this leadership responsibility should extend to the very top or at least to the General Officers who own these individuals. We say we hold leaders responsible, lets walk the walk vis just prosecuting a handful to hell and back.  This event was a combination of results that unit leaders allowed fraternization (dating among the ranks) combined with insubordination and disrespect within the ranks. All that weaken a “fighting force” and leadership responsibility. Something to think about. Read more here

Time for a C-Gar

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