America! I thought I knew about the Constitution. However, everyone should seek education and continue learning. I found a great site where you can take College level classes on the Constitution for free.

If you go here its Hillsdale College where you can take a wide array of classes especially ones on the Constitution. I signed up, and yes its free and took the Constitution 101 class. They are easy and include an hour-long lecture on different subjects to include:

1.       The American Founding: Revolutionary or Conservative?

2.      The Theory of the Declaration and the Constitution

3.      The Problem of Majority Tyranny and the Necessity of Union

4.      Consent of the Governed and the Separation of Powers

5.      To Secure These Rights: Economics, Religion, and Character

6.      Crisis of the Constitution: Slavery and Secession

7.      The Progressive Rejection of the Principles of the Declaration

8.     The Progressive Assault on the Constitution

9.      The Administrative State Today

10.  Modern Conservatism and the Constitution


After I took this course I realized I either forgot allot about the Constitution or wasn’t really taught about it in depth. Every American should understand what the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence says and they are all covered in this course. They are made for America, for Americans. They offer a wide range of "smart guy" classes for free here!

I highly recommend the training. Time for a C-Gar

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