You may have read or heard about the Navy Seals who were flying a "Trump" flag on their Hummer antenna going down a highway. The article below states that the servicemembers were "punished" but wont detail their punishment. 

In laymans language……..the seals got a really stern talking to (not really) by their CO then they all went and had beers. It went something like this:

CO: "Gents, can ya give me a little break here, I have brass bitching and moaning about your flag pictures"

Seals: "Soooooory boss, wont ever do it again" (insert giggles here as they pin it up to the wall)

Trust me, these Seals didn't get "punished" as some articles make it out to be. Give me a break. They flew a flag on their Hummer for their Commander in Chief. I guess the Navy is really bored to do a so called "investigation" on this which they would have had to do to prosecute the Seals under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) which they didn't. Furthermore, I have seen Seals do much more dangerous things like "hold my beer and watch this" kind of things and not get punished.  Getting punished for flying a Trump flag? Yawn. Next.

All this did is show how your military loves this President and the media it's getting makes the "other" guy look that much worse. Never saw his flag on a hummer……just sayin.

Time for a C-Gar

"A number of Navy Special Warfare forces have been punished for flying a Trump flag, according to the Courier-Journal." read full story here  


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