During my first deployment to Iraq (Ramadi) in 2004 it was a little froggy. On one occasion, I had the opportunity to have a “warm” shower (a rarity). As I began to enjoy a quiet shower (with my carbine hanging near by) a heard small arms begin. Then an RPG, then a shit ton of small arms fire then mortars unload and shit was pretty much hitting the fan.

I quickly got “small” and flat on the dirty nasty community shower floor as the shit hit the fan. I thought “shit, I don’t want to by the farm in the shitter” especially since we had three porta johns next to the showers when a mortar strike hit and killed a Marine while dropping a deuce. What a way to go and in true Marine fashion, the Marine Corps just washed out the shitter, duct taped the frag holes and we kept using it.


As the fire increased I decided it was time to get the hell out of the shitter and get somewhere a bit reinforced. I began to peak out the door and saw the four Marines in the bunker 20 yards away from the shitter diligently engaging an enemy group breaching our perimeter. I decided to make a run for it in my traditional Marine Corps silkie underwear and flip flops and carbine. I hit the bunker with happiness as it was better than the dirty nasty shitter floor.

As I laid on my back in the bunker the Marines asked me if I came to join the party. I said oh hell ya. I then looked up to the crows nest bunker above and behind us the Marines were engaging heavily with the 50 Cal and one of the Marines looked down and asked “how you doing Sir?” and replied with a “bird” and the young Marine smiled, waved back at me then continued to throw lead towards the enemy.

When it was all said and done and the bad guys were repelled, I had one flip flop on, silkie underware dirt and my weapon. One of the senior enlisted saw me afterwards and said “Cmon Sir, put some clothes on, your going to scare the locals”. Love it.  Time for a C-Gar

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