For many that currently serve or are veterans and are out of the military specifically due to the last eight years of government and the sequestration, the below is a glimmer of light that has been welcomed from the past eight years. The sequestration has crippled your military to previous WWII numbers. What does that mean to you? Well that puts the US and Americans abroad in danger because the US military cannot adequately defend its interests or people.

Many Marines have been asked to leave the ranks specifically due to the past eight years drawdown. Would they go back? I would say yes many would return but that’s an entirely different conversation. What I don’t get is how the USAF & US Army is projecting a 30k increase in servicemembers where the Marine Corps is projecting only a 3,000 Marine increase (per the article). Huh? Really?

The Marine Corps has been stripped down to bare bones. Marine Expeditionary Units, who’s force projection plays a significant role in defense have been streamlined so bad that they are almost ineffective. Needless to say, in the past eight years, the Marine Corps (the smallest of the branches) was reduced the most. Additionally, as the article hints to, Marine Corps aircraft maintenance is a joke. Marine mechanics have been raiding the bone yards of Arizona for the past couple of years to keep what F18s they could be flying. Scary.

Currently the Marine Corps is 182,000 compared to before the Obama administration it was 202,000 and before that even bigger.

Not sure on this Marine Commandants “projection” view or why, when the other branches are going big on forecasting, the Marine Corps is only projecting a 3,000 increase. Time for a C-Gar

From the Air Force to the Army, America's military service branches are busy preparing ambitious proposals to expand, as President Trump renews his pledge to rebuild a fighting force he says has become "depleted." 

"Our country will never have had a military like the military we're about to build and rebuild,” Trump said at last week’s press conference. “It won't be depleted for long."  Read more here

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