This is a great article showing you behind the curtain of every deployed warrior on who you can and cannot trust.

It reminds me of a time in Helmand Province where we had ANA (Afg Natl Army) embedded within our FOB. Talk about sleeping with your weapon, I as did all the other Marines because they would nod north & south telling you “yes” all day then switch and try to kill you the next. The US military was directed to honcho a “relationship” with them and mentor them to make the real shitty places in Afg better. Ya, good luck with that.




We had several ANA with us in our FOB (40ish) but one stood out (let’s call him “smiley” because I couldn’t pronounce his real name) as he was always very cooperative for us. Hell, he even assisted us in a few weapon caches and told us where they were, cooked us a few goats, brought us foot bread and was your all around good guy…..(not) my philosophy was not to trust anyone further than I can throw them and most of the ANA had a strong diet of lard.  All smiles like the two from Fantasy Island (smile everyone, smiles) until one day we got some intel on where some IEDs were and we planned an ambush to catch them planting them before they could detonate on our next convoy when low in behold guess who we saw putting them in? If it wasn’t our own ANA buddy “smiley” and unfortunately smiley, isn’t smiling today, trust me.

This applies as well to my numerous Iraqi deployments. The Iraqi police (used loosely) were basically going to work day to day for whomever was going to pay them or give them free shit to work with, then switch the very next day if their salary got raised. Two steps forward, one step back was the norm in both shitholes. I wish I had a dollar for every time we got into a gun fight and had they Iraqi Police throw down their weapons and flee. It got comical really……we would take bets how long they would hang with us once the shit hit the fan.

One of my favorites was in Afg during a hotter than hell day when we got hit with an IED, saw the triggerman, got into a small skirmish where we knew we hit a couple. After trailing the blood trail using some keen nosed young Marines who could find a date for the singer Madana in a Baptist church we came across a dead bad guy who bled out. His shoes were gone (normal) but he laid perfectly there almost placed (they really take care of their wounded well). As I walked up to him to check for intel I got a very bad gut feeling, the kind that makes you stop in your tracks. I told all the Marines next to me to hold up and called them off to bring up the dogs to have a sniff. What do ya know, about five feet where I was, laid an Italian “toe popper” land mine (small, just big enough to really f#ck you up-the size of a coffee cup filled with explosive) and the dogs found it and the daisy chained linked other toe poppers which were linked to a small rock indention where there was positioned six RPGs to detonate at once if a toe popper went off. Nice guys aye? Baiting us in to an automatic ambush we decided the best way to eliminate this threat was to employ a satchel charge (20lbs of C4) which carries a nice bang for the buck. Needless to say, we eliminated the threat so no other US forces or some kid chasing a goat would set them off. The best part, after the explosion, these two “goat herders” (my ass) came out of nowehere like they dropped from the clouds and were walking towards us (great way to get dead after we had just been in a gun fight) and we asked them if they knew of the badguys we were fighting. Of course, durka durka durka, they knew nothing, didn’t know the bad guys etc etc. Then my terp asked them are you sure and one dude says well they live right next door to me……………(insert rolling eyes here) so you mean to tell me he lives next door to you but you don’t know him, never seen these dudes before or anything BUT, he lives next door to you. “Durka…durka YUP” he answers………..awesome.


The below is a summarization of the same from yet another point of view and I think you might see some similarities.  Time for a C-Gar

Click to read more about this warrior who tells of similar events.


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