Sgt. Rafael Peralta. Do you think his events rate the Medal of Honor?

I have read, reread and read again the events pertaining to Sgt. Rafael Peralta award citation of the Navy Cross. In my humble opinion the Marine rates the Medal of Honor. Now, with Ret. Gen Mattis at the helm of the Department of “Offense” as I like to call it, being a Marine who has fought and chewed the same dirt as this Marine, I believe there will be a very considerable chance that the Marines award is upgraded. What do you think? Time for a C-Gar

 On Monday, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, sent him (Gen Mattis) a letter urging the Pentagon to upgrade Peralta’s Navy Cross for combat valor to the Medal of Honor.  It’s the latest effort in a case that has included forensics experts, rejections by at least three previous defense secretaries and conflicting accounts from Marines who served with Peralta. Read more here

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