You might be cool, but you will never be Len Dawson cool, smoking a cigar and having a beer on the sidelines during the very first Super Bowl in 1967.


Up front, I’m still shaking my head as a Cowboy fan. Thought for sure they were going the distance this year. Although the dynamic duo of rookies (Prescott & Elliot) will be dangerous next year they did great. However, like I say “It isn’t easy being a Cowboy fan”.

It was an interesting football year as many “premadona” players thought they should voice their political views while they get played to play football, keep their pie hole shut and make touchdowns (my opinion).

Some fans boycotted this year (good on ya) as it did affect especially the Monday Night Football ratings. Other football players took the opportunity to praise military members at game (well done) as they realized that freedom isn’t free and these political spewer players just might not be “getting it”.

Regardless, those that took the time to disrespect the flag are “noted” and Americans will remember you so sleep in the bed ya made sweethearts.

This weekend is Super Bowl 51 and although you will see several commercials at the price tag of a mere $4mil each, watch a very good quarterback Brady (don’t like him, respect him, don’t like him) and Ryan (very talented QB) square off it should be entertaining.

Vegas has the Patriots to win by 3pnts with a total of 51pnts so it should be a shoot out of offenses.

While you enjoy the game, do me a favor as you are having fun and just remember, there are warriors all over the world serving and protecting America. We enjoy our freedoms because of these Americans. Matter of fact, it wouldn’t hurt ya to put your flag out either. Just sayin. You can put your flag up during the half time Lady Gaga freak show or like Len, have a Cigar and a brew. Your call.

Time for a C-Gar

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