As I mentioned here, AirForce birds and air support is awesome, although like A10s, AirForce pilots tend to hit friendlies occasionally (more than other branches & at least from what I saw in Iraq & Afg.)

Dropping high explosive ordinance isn't always as easy as one would think. Known good guy locations and target locations often get switched thus dropping bombs on good guys. It happens but most of the time its caught by the redundancy systems.

It will be interesting to see if that happened in this incident. Time for a C-Gar

A pair of F-16 jets struck two members of a ground-control party — killing a civilian contractor and wounding an Air Force service member — after a training exercise went awry on Tuesday night, officials said in a Wednesday statement.

The F-16s were using unspecified munitions when the incident occurred at a range that's part of the White Sands Missile Range complex near Holloman Air Force Base in southern New Mexico.Full story here

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