Thanksgivng! A time when you can slow down the rapid pace of life, get with your relatives and friends and cherish the time together. Trust me, life is short and perhaps those you are with this year, will not be here next year or even in six months. Always cherish the time you can spend with family. Regardless if it’s with those relatives you may not necessarily “get along” with, before you know it, you will be back at the face pace of life and those that you can share time with now, may be gone. Never take that for granted.

Your warriors overseas would trade with you in a heartbeat. They don’t have the option to spend time with family (even that pesky cousin) no, they are at work and I can tell you after missing several holidays while deployed, no matter how nice you try to make the holidays in some forward operating base, its not even close to the real deal.

Remember those deployed, they will be with fellow warrior’s vis family. If you not one of them, I believe even if you burn the turkey, you still have something to be thankful for. Your r warriors sure do. We can at least think about them during the holidays. Time for a C-Gar

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