I just don't get it. A family escorts their warrior back to North Carolina and while in California the flight crew announced that the flight would be delayed a bit due to a Gold Star family. For you slow kids, that means the parents of a warrior killed in action is on board and they are loading the body of the hero. Subsequently, the fellow stellar passengers booed as a result of the announcement. Really? Kinda defines our society today (not to mention California). Despite for lack of compassion, respect, or should I even include patriotism, these "Americans" didn't even worry about the Gold Star family inconvenience that has affected their entire life, but only their own. Way to stay classy Cali……I truly feel for that family. Their son is a hero. Time for a C-Gar


Sgt. John Perry was killed on Saturday in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber.

His father, Stewart Perry, mourned the loss of his son at a service on Thursday.

“Most importantly, I want people to know about the heroic thing that my son did,” he said.

His son stumbled on the suicide bomber before he could reach his target, a soldiers’ 5K Veterans Day run. Read more here


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  1. I’m in the central Commiefornia mountains and this does NOT represent all of us here!! If I was on this airplane at this time, the TSA Nazis would’ve beaten me with their clubs and jailed me for the response I would’ve given to these azzholes booing a fallen Hero!

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