To have a cause is noble. To demonstrate that cause and protest against the very thing that allows you the freedom and privilege to express your freedom of speech (for you apparently clueless NFL players) that’s the American flag. The flag that represents your freedom and those that gave their life defending it. To have a cause is noble but to protest during the National Anthem truly shows your ignorance and lack of gratitude or respect.

You have  a lot of time on your hands “off” the field why aren’t you NFL players spending that time toward your hard felt hate against America and protest to make a statement off the field? I’ll tell you why, because off the field, you are a nobody.

I also hold the television networks responsible. Here is why. Do the networks show it on TV when a fan runs on the field? Nope. Why? Because they don’t want to promote or encourage another fan too do it. So, obviously, the networks want to promote and encourage this anti American protest.

You can say it’s their freedom of speech. I (a US Marine)among others fight terrorism etc so turds can slander the country that protects them, allows them the freedom to make multi millions and grants them their freedom of speech.  However, when you begin to protest America, the American flag, I as well have the freedom of speech to tell your overpaid, premadona, ungrateful ass to shut your pie hole.  To also decide to make your protest against the greatest country in the world on Sept 11th not only shows how stupid you are but you total disgraceful lack of respect (Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs,Denver Broncos). I’m sure your parents are real proud. Fail!

Additionally, I have the option to make you notorious and encourage those that pay your salaries (ultimately the fans) to boycott your anti American ass. I know I will not be watching any of the below.

Players who have taken a knee during the Natl Anthem:

Colin Kaepernick & Eric Reid  – San Fran 49ers
Jeremy Lane of the Seattle Seahawks
Brandon Marshall  of the Denver Broncos
Kenny Stills, Michael Thomas, Arian Foster and Jelani Jenkins of the Miami Dolphins(took a knee on Sept 11th during the National Anthem) Vomit!
Players who were too chicken shit to be “big boys” didn’t take a knee but raised their fists during the National Anthem in support of the “cause” that was started by Kaepernick
Cornerback Marcus Peters – Kansas City Chiefs
Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots


I like the quick response Brandon (I cant tackle) Marshall of the Denver Broncos got in a swift letter from his major sponsor. You are fired, as the sponsor dropped him. (Now a second sponsor dropped him) I encourage all sponsors to do the same. Perhaps we should do the research and determine who these protestors sponsors are and stop buying their crap!

 You have to remember Mr NFL players, you are for entertainment. You play a game. You get paid very well to play a game. Period. You want to make a true difference, quit your team, run for office (any that you think you can get elected to) and make a real difference. But I don’t think you really want to do that, not only because of the cut in pay, but honestly, you won’t get elected and inside you know that and thus have to be the little selfless cowards you have already demonstrated you are. Again, I’m sure your parents are real proud because America isn’t proud of you at all. Time for a C-Gar



NFL Monday night football ratings down 25% last night due to 49ers protest

Catholics do what NFL refuses to do: Stand up for America

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