This is an interesting article. You can tell that she isn't an angel as she has been charged previously for simple failures that every Marine has to follow to maintain good order and discipline (shocker). Look sweetheart, I know you have it tough in your combat hardened cubicle with pictures of your family, smell good oils and a really fancy trash can you got at Target but since you apparently have put yourself before the Marine Corps, Ill remind you that you volunteered to join the Marine Corps and the government institution. Trust me, I praise the baby Jesus every chance I get as well as he has saved my ass numerous times (seriously) but if they let you put up your scripture, then when the  muslim, budah or devil worshiper puts up their scripture and are told to remove their  fancy goat head off their wall, they will have a valid argument that the "christian" has their stuff up, why can't they hang a goat head up as it supports their religion (see the Marine Corps order on religious customs, it exists). Its not that the Marine Corps is against Christians, its because the Marine Corps has to maintain good order and discipline which you have none.

Perhaps, if you removed that shelf in your cubicle with foo foo shit on it and put some war fighting pubs on it and read them and acted more like the Marine you were trained to be, you would still be in the Marine Corps. Just saying. Time for a C-Gar.


A former Marine court-martialed in part for refusing to remove a biblical phrase from her workspace lost her appeal on Wednesday, when a federal court concluded the orders from her superiors did not constitute a "substantial burden" on her First Amendment rights.Read more here
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