Why does it take a veteran to set asshats back in their place? This guy has an honest job, just trying to go home and these punks want to be "tough guys. They don't know how lucky they are. Time for a C-Gar


Jim Hardie is an Iraq War vet who has seen some tough fights in his day. But one day traveling on a bus, he decided to once again put himself in harms way to defend everyone else traveling that day.

As the story goes, Jim was traveling home in Seattle on the bus after a long day of job hunting after his 8 year run in the service.

It was at this point that three men in the back of the bus began talking extremely loudly, yelling obscenities that were making everyone uncomfortable. Instead of doing nothing, he started at them and told them to stop.

That’s when the assault came. Jim fought them all off until they got off the bus. The other passengers began to applaud him. Read more here

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