In an interesting 180 turn, the House Rules Committee has overturned the decision making it mandatory for all women (18-26 yrs old) signing up for the draft upon their 18 yr old birthday just like their male counterpart. You may have read here on One Marine's View where it was dropped recently.

Additionally, In addition, nonU.S.citizens, immigrants, dual citizens males between the ages of 18 and 25 (inclusive) living in the United States must register.

However, with the recent push for more females in combat roles throughout the military branches, the House Rules Committee had little fight in the argument that if females desired to participate in combat roles / Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) than the draft is also part of the deal. 

So, there ya go, not only do females get the option to participate in the infantry, all females get to play in the military if there is a draft. It's not optional to sign up for it after they turn 18. When you want equal rights, accordingly, you should get all of them, and rightfully so, they got the entire package on this deal. Interesting how things work out. 

Keep this in mind, your military is at pre WWII numbers, your Marine Corps is especially "thin" as result of the past 8 years of purging at the cyclic rate and when crap hits the fan, the Marine Corps gets "theirs" from the draft. The new regulations may go into affect as soon as 2018. Read full story here.


Time for a C-Gar



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